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Spring is coming!

I can't believe its almost spring! Yesterday I saw buds and that, to me, means spring is around the corner, longer days, more light, and more warmth. I am looking forward to fresh perspectives and continuing on my artistic journey. I have changed and grown my work is reflective of this new start. If you follow me, you will see blue is very prominent in my paintings at the moment. Blue represents the sky and the sea that is associated with open spaces, inspiration, imagination, and freedom. Dynamic blues can create an expression of exhilaration. Life as we know it has changed forever. The world has changed, I've changed. With the season comes a fresh perspective.

I do want to share some very exciting news!! My work is now represented from Calgary and westwards in Canada by Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art. Please check them out. I am honoured to be represented by them and alongside such inspiring company. In May I will be showing in Calgary in their New Faces Exhibit", hope to see you there!

For those of you who visit me at the Artist Project, I am happy to say I will be exhibiting there once again and I have so much new work. The exhibit runs from April 13 - 16, and I'll be at booth #136.

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I feel so grateful that I have my art because it is so much an extension of who I am and helps me find my peace. I would like everyone to find something comforting and relatable within the worlds I create.

I'll leave you with this quote from Keith Haring, which has been resonating with me at this moment.

"We make art with everything we are, the doom and glory of it, we make art to know ourselves, to locate ourselves in the web of being, to make ourselves more alive. We make art that at our best , helps other people locate themselves and live."

I hope to see you at the Artist Project in the spring, once again, it runs from April 13- 16 at The Better Living Centre Exhibition place - I'll be in booth 136.



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