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Nature inspires me,  people inspire me, and the form of everyday objects intrigue me.


I escape through my art to a place where dreams and reality intermix. I want to delve into peoples lives and take them to an alternate reality even if only for a brief moment. By continuously changing the medium I keep the process playful and spontaneous composing my ideas primarily through hue and shade. Layers work harmoniously to create an intricate narrative that guides the viewer beneath the surface to discover a surprise or to provoke an emotion that they did not recognize at first glance. 

I live in Toronto Canada, love my family, dogs, long walks and swimming in the cold northern Ontario lakes. I've worked as an Illustrator, Graphic artist, Curator and Art Consultant.

I have exhibited internationally and have my work in public and private collections across Canada and the United States. I have my BFA from Syracuse University. Studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, OCAD, Graphic Design at Sheridan College, TSA & ProjectART. 

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The Gallery Wall

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